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Geoscientists gather and interpret data to understand natural processes on Earth.

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Mineral exploration in BC is the search for a valuable mineral deposit in a sustainable and environmentally sound way.

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Environmental protection is a fundamental part of BC’s mining lifecycle and is monitored before, during and after use.

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Mining is the safest heavy industry in BC and provides the minerals we use to support our everyday lives.

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Stone, sand, and gravel is the most abundant natural resource available and is continually recycled in the form of asphalt and concrete.

What We Do For You

This site will provide you with information about career opportunities in BC's mineral industries and where to find relevant training in British Columbia.


The Centre of Training Excellence in Mining (CTEM) is a province-wide virtual hub that facilitates collaborative, innovative training opportunities for the British Columbia mining industry, job seekers and communities. CTEM connects industry, students, job seekers, training providers and communities to meet their respective needs by: playing a leading role in understanding industry skills requirements, facilitating industry driven training, and building alliances and supporting partners.

CTEM began in 2012 and is continually seeking partners, sponsors and volunteers. In 2015, CTEM orchistrated a meger with the BC Mining HR Task Force sustaing the Task Force's legacy and merged the two websites. Enjoy exploring the content.

Featured Content

CONGRATULATIONS to four post-secondary institutions BCIT, CNC, NWCC and OC.

BCIT, CNC, NWCC, and OC collaborate to deliver provincial mine training through CTEM's support. They are piloting a collaborative Mining Technology Diploma/Degree allowing students the flexibility to take the first year at their home university (CNC, NWCC, or OC). Click here for more infomation.

A new milestone - 200 communities in BC benefit from CTEM resources!

The Mining Careers Guidebook - Edition 2 has pased a new milestone by reaching over 200 communities across BC! The Guidebook showcases careers in the BC mining industry and where you can find training for them. 

Check out the electronic version of the Guidebook on our Downloads page. If you would like a hard copy e-mail CTEM.