Diversity – Women

The most successful industries ensure they are diversified. One of the best ways that companies can benefit is to attract, hire and retain women.

Diversity – Women

Women are increasingly a sought after source of talent, in fact many would say they are vital to the mineral exploration and mining industry.  Women are currently underrepresented, with female participation estimated to be only 16% of the workforce, compared to 61% across all BC sectors.  This gender gap highlights an important opportunity for employers and female workers to fulfill current and forecasted skills shortages across the industry.

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I Dig It Contest


"I Dig It" - Interview a woman in the mineral exploration and mining industry contest - WINNERS ANOUNCED!

The "I Dig It" Contest, launched during Mineral Exploration Roundup 2013, closed on May 7. Grade 10 students in BC were invited to interview a woman employed in the BC mineral exploration or mining industry. The contest created connections between students and industry professionals in order to learn about specific roles, gain an appreciation of industry opportunities and to get advice on course selections that will help their career path.

Thank you to all the women who participated in the interviews and to the companies for supporting them spending their time with potential future employees. And a huge thank you to our contest sponsors: NewGoldNOVAGOLD, and Entree Gold.

The lucky winners are:

  • First place: IPad - Value $500.00 (Sponsored by NewGold- Akhil Dottani from Moscrop Secondary school

  • Second place: IPod Touch - Value $350.00 (Sponsored by NOVAGOLD- Miguel Abaya from David Thompson school

  • Third place: Noise Reducing Headphones - Value $200.00 (Sponsored by Entree Gold- Samantha Young



BC HR Task Force: Diversity Women Committee proudly presented two complimentary pilot workshops.

  • Career Development: Becoming Leaders Workshop and Diversity Awareness for Managers & Senior Leaders Workshop was held in June 2014.  Future workshops are being considered for conferences across Canada and will be industry supported.

For more information about the workshops, please click here.