Move from the unknown to exploring resources to help you support you as an educator. Break down the barrier to thinking about a job in the current BC exploration, mining, stone, sand and gravel industry.


The education subcommittee of the BC HR Task Force: Exploration, Mining, Stone, Sand and Gravel focused on producing resources and opportunities for learning about BC's mineral exploration, mining, stone, sand & gravel industries for K-6, secondary, and post-secondary age groups. This includes resources you can use in your class room (Planning 10 material), funding for pilot post-secondary projects, urban work experience, educator/miner best pracitice conferences etc.

Educators, Miners & Exploreres Workshop was held in October 2014, click on the corresponding tab below for details.

Educators, Miners and Explorers Workshop


Educators, Miners & Explorers Workshop - Collaborations in Training

Educators, Miners and Explorers came together on October 6th -7th at the Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport for a day filled with information and presentations on a number of collaborative approaches between education and industry regarding awareness and training in the minerals industry. 

For more information on the presentations see the link below.

 - E.M.E. Conference - Overview



Planing 10 Curriculum


Mining Your Future curriculum is a resource designed for Planning 10 and can be used for other applications. If you are looking for education activities check it out.

Mining Your Future - Planning 10 Binder

Videos for the Mining Your Future Planning 10 resource and others can be found on the video page.



B.C. Career Pathways Guidebook


B.C. Career Pathways Guidebook: Mining Careers


If you would like to have a copy for yourself or your organization email bc-ctem [at]