Roben Hislop

Roben Hislop, Procon Mining and Tunnelling
Procon Mining
Job Title: 
Engineering & Estimating

Roben Hislop is a mining engineering professional focused on underground projects across Canada. He currently serves as Engineering & Estimating at Procon Mining & Tunnelling, a contracting company providing mining, tunneling, and industrial services to mines across Canada and the US. He is a graduate of the Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering at the University of British Columbia and spent his early career constructing hydroelectric tunnels at the top of BC’s Northern Transmission Line to service the Kitimat aluminum smelter.

As a mining contractor Roben is integrated into the Canadian mining community. From pre-feasibility and scoping studies through to mine development, constructability, and sustaining operations he is well versed in the current technical and social challenges facing BC’s mining industry. He has seen the success of community integration into mining projects and the many benefits of localized training and education. He is working to advance the industries best practices and promote all the benefits of mining in BC.