Program Details

Fast Facts

  • Institution:
  • Location:
    Kamloops Campus
  • Program Length:
    2+ Years
  • Approx. Tuition Cost:
    $5202 per year
  • Approx. Books Cost:
    $1900 per year
  • Credentials:
  • Application Fee:
Application Deadline Advice
To ensure a good selection of courses, it is recommended that applicants apply as soon as possible after October 1.

Admissions Info

Academic (minimum grade needed in bracket)

1. One of:

  • high school graduation or equivalent
  • mature student status (be at least 19 years old and out of school for at least two years)

2. English

One of:

  • English 12 (73% grade in last five years)
  • English 12 First Peoples (73% grade in last five years)
  • Language Proficiency Index (LPI) score (level 5 in last two years)
  • ENGL 0600 (C+)
  • ESAL 0570 and 0580 (C+)

3. Math

One of:

  • Pre-calculus 12 (C+ in the last two years)
  • equivalent course

4. Biology

One of:

  • Biology 11 (C+)
  • Biology 12 (C+)
  • equivalent course

5. Chemistry

One of:

  • Chemistry 11
  • CHEM 0500

6. Physics

One of:

  • Physics 11
  • Physics 12
  • equivalent course
Admission Advice

1. You should select your 1000- and 2000-level courses in consultation with an academic advisor to meet the basic requirements and the specific prerequisite requirements for your intended Major. Academic advisors can also recommend advising sessions and workshops that will help you with the course planning process.

2. After completing 30 credits, but before completing 60 credits (basically in second year), you will be required to meet with the BSc Advisor and declare a Major. The BSc Advisor will help you select 3000- and 4000-level courses needed for your Major.

3. If you intended to transfer to TRU from other institutions please check the BC Transfer Guide to ensure that your courses will transfer.
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