Virtual Earth Science Hub

A free, interactive resource to support classroom and lab learning through online discovery

Virtual Earth Science Hub

The learning landscape is changing. An increase in demand for online learning coupled with the necessity to pivot to a virtual classroom environment in the time of global pandemics has meant that institutions have had to be responsive and innovative in finding solutions for their resources, training, and practicums.

To help educational institutions and facilitators transition seamlessly to the online learning age, CTEM has worked with the earth-science non-profit Below BC to create a virtual learning/geoscience hub. The virtual geoscience hub is an online resource for lecturers and students that builds an interactive field experience with the use of geology, mapping, raw field data, drilling information, and sample images. It allows students to explore systems from different regions that they may not have access to through their school, broadening their knowledge and strengthening the foundations of the future workforce.

Below BC compiled online data and images of the Kitsilano Foreshore in Vancouver, BC to prove the concept. 

The project is scalable and adaptable to a variety of levels and discipline. The goal is to work with post-secondary institutions and educators to build further modules relating to a variety of geological environments and even engineering applications, including mineral exploration sites.

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