Jill Tsolinas - Executive Director of CTEM

Jill Tsolinas Leadership Team Executive Director
Coast Mountain College
Job Title: 
Executive Director

Jill Tsolinas is the Executive Director of the Centre of Training Excellence in Mining and also Chair of the Association of Mineral Exploration British Columbia where she is serving her ninth term as a Director.

Jill Tsolinas has nearly two decades of experience in the mining industry and post-secondary training, and over ten years of leadership experience. She has worked with junior, medium, and senior mining companies throughout her career. Her experience also includes working with training providers (private and public) to provide current, industry relevant training on projects locally, provincially, nationally, and internationally. Many of her local initiatives have been picked up and adapted for other locations.

She has a Masters with a thesis on community and industry equity sharing and a B.A. in Geography with a concentration in Sociology

With a focus on partner engagement, communication, and corporate governance, she desires to see the continual development and incorporation of collaborative practices to sustain BC as a centre of mineral excellence.