Kendra Johnston
BSc in Earth Science and Geography
Silver Quest Resources Ltd.
You need to have a sense of adventure and an inquisitive mind to be a geologist and you get to see amazing places off the beaten track.

Exploration Geologist

Salary Range: 
65,000 - 88,000

Kendra sees an exciting and challenging future for her in the mining industry. “My goal is to one day run my own company. I’ve said that since day one.”

Kendra’s role is different from the typical exploration field geologist. “Working for a junior company has allowed me to combine my technical background with my drive to learn the business side of the industry”. Kendra is involved in all aspects of the company’s exploration programs including planning, permitting, fieldwork and writing the assessment reports. In addition, Kendra is involved in the company’s Corporate Development, Investor Relations, Marketing and Financing activities. On any given day, she might examine a technical report, plot drill holes for a new exploration program, create marketing materials, meet with financers or brokers, or edit a news release or legal document. Someone who can combine geology and business skills would do well in Kendra’s position. She says, “They need a sense of adventure and an inquisitive mind. They’ll get to see amazing places off the beaten track. But they also need to fit into a business suit – they have to like networking, attending meetings and conferences and being in the office.” Making the right contacts is crucial. “The most important thing is to get out there and make connections, ask a lot of questions and be willing to learn.”

Kendra loves working in BC because it has a supportive community of people who love what they do - there are over 850 mining companies in downtown Vancouver. “BC is also a great place to explore… “Hiking some of those mountains is the best trip to the gym one could ever ask for!”