Carrie Gailey
Degree in Mechanical Engineering
Carrie helps maintain or replace all supporting systems in a mill - conveyors, crushers, machinery, and equipment. “That’s the job of an engineer – to figure it out.”

Engineer (In Training)

Salary Range: 
55,000 - 81,000

Carrie likes being an engineer because her job is always changing and she’s always learning. “I have the background knowledge – my degree – but it doesn’t cover every specific task. For instance, I worked on water sprays to suppress dust. I had to figure out which ones are best for that application. This was something I’d never done before. That’s the job of an engineer – to figure it out.”

As a mill engineer, Carrie deals with the processing of copper ore. She helps maintain or replace all the supporting systems – conveyors, crushers, machinery and equipment in the mine’s mill. In the office, she does project management, for example, organizing contractors to install equipment. She also performs small structural design work and conducts research to make sure that any device she designs meets the mine’s codes.

Carrie also spends time in the field each day, checking, measuring and getting information from the mine.

“I like mining because it’s constantly changing and you can see your progress. Even in a month’s period you can see that big things have happened. For mechanical engineers there’s every type of system here - mobile equipment, pumping and piping, structures, auxiliary systems, rotating machinery such as motors and shafts.”

Carrie grew up in British Columbia and has lived and studied in different parts of Canada. She’s thrilled to be back. “It’s the most beautiful province. The weather is amazing and it has the best skiing. I can’t wait till the snow flies!”