Daniel Ignatow
Mechanical Engineering, BEng
Vale Inco Ltd.
A career in mechanical engineer opens up options in maintenance, support and supervision in a variety of specialties. Many of the working relationships continue out of the workplace.

Mechanical Engineer

Salary Range: 
94,000 - 110,000

Daniel loves diversity, which is why a career in mining is such a good fit for him. He is exposed to diverse equipment, diverse skill sets among co-workers and a challenging environment. His current role is a Hoist Engineer/Coordinator, which makes him responsible for conveyances travelling the mine shaft.

“It is challenging to work in a remote operation that produces 24 hours a day seven days a week,” he said. “But you also get to work alongside maintenance tradespeople, who help you better understand the equipment, and other professionals and technicians with different backgrounds and levels of experience. In addition, there is a hands-on component. You don’t get that coming out of university.”

He used the task of banking conveyances in the shaft as an example of working with different skill sets. “I have worked with the riggers. I know what they’re doing. I’m not able to do their job, but I have an appreciation of their challenges and what they’re going through as I sit in the hoist room working things from my end,” he explained.

Many of these working relationships continue out of the workplace, as well, as Daniel finds there are people interested in the same outdoor activities as he is. Marksmanship, scuba diving, fishing, boating and home renovations are all in the ‘back yard’ in remote locations, which is as much as a bonus to Daniel as the excellent pay and incentive system offered by his mining company.

He says a career in mechanical engineering opens up options in maintenance, support and supervision in a variety of specialties in both mining and ore processing. His specialty is hoisting and Daniel says he will continue to work to the highest quality in an ethical and efficient manner, producing even better results than are expected of him.