Travis Olding
Mining Technician Diploma
Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Technology plays an important role for estimators. “Without technology my job would take at least twice as long”


Salary Range: 
94,000 - 110,000

Having a positive attitude and a good work ethic has been important in Travis Olding’s mining career. “I enjoy those long days when we’re making a big push to get ahead on a project or complete it. I love hunkering down and working hard and fast all day. I feel very accomplished when we’ve met our goal. At home, at work, even at play, having a good attitude always makes me feel better and work harder.”
Travis works as an estimator, determining the capital investment that a company needs to put a mine into production.  “I start with basic calculations of consumptions and material quantities and work my way up to bigger numbers while bringing all the small estimates together. Some estimates can end up in the billions of dollars. It’s really interesting because I am learning all the methods and roles that take place in many mining situations.”
Technology plays an important role for estimators, which makes them a very productive part of the project team.  Computers and estimating software allow Travis to make revisions to cost estimates that will calculate changes throughout the entire project. As he says, “Without technology my job would take at least twice as long. I commonly hear from the senior staff, “We used to do all this work with a pencil and paper!”

His Mining Engineering Technician Diploma from Cambrian College has served Travis well. “I use my basic knowledge of mining from the Cambrian program everyday at work and continuously build on it. The mining knowledge and the hands-on experience I gained from my education is extremely valuable.”