Denis Parent
Secondary School
Thanks to new technologies being introduced, the mining industry is not becoming more interesting for your people. Each operator is responsible for taking great care of the complex and expensive equipment.

Training Instructor/ Group Leader

Salary Range: 
55,000 - 80,000

“I was born in the mines,” says Denis Parent. “On rainy days, we could hear the noise from the trucks in the mines.” It is therefore not surprising that Mr. Parent, a training instructor and group leader at ArcelorMittal, has made a career in the mining industry. He has been in his current position for two years now, but has worked in the industry for 36 years. He first started as a day labourer and has held different positions throughout his career. It is in 1988 that he began to operate loading equipment.

Loading equipment operators hold key positions in mine production.  They are responsible for loading the waste or the mill-feed material in accordance with the controller’s specifications and truck load restrictions. Operators use three different types of scoops (excavation machines) and two different types of loaders at the mine.  Each operator is responsible for taking great care of this complex and expensive equipment. In order to ensure the safety of everyone at the mine and to contribute to efficient production, operators receive extensive training.
Denis is responsible in his current position for providing this training. His work consists of developing training programs, training operators and teaming up with the training facilitators who are responsible for the field training. The objective is to ensure thorough and safe training for everyone. Denis loves his work mostly because he likes having contact with people. Each new employee who starts training represents a new challenge for him, one that he undertakes with passion.

Denis believes there are a lot of opportunities in the mining industry. “In the past,” says Denis, “all a person needed to become a miner was to be tall and strong. Today, things have changed.” He emphasizes that, thanks to the new technologies being introduced, the mining industry is now becoming more interesting for young people. “There is also an increasing number of women in the industry who excel as loading equipment operators,” states Denis.