Derek Turner

Douglas College
Job Title: 
Chair, Earth and Environmental Science Department

Derek is a geoscience educator who is passionate about inspiring students and the public to see how geology and mineral exploration are important to their daily lives. He is an advocate of getting people outside to experience geology first-hand and of using technology and open educational resources to make geology more accessible to the public.

Derek is a Professional Geologist with Engineers and Geoscientists BC. He believes that doing is the best way to learn Geoscience and provides opportunities for students to explore innovative ways of bringing the field experience to them through the purposeful use of technology.

When he isn’t teaching, Derek consults on terrain and surficial geology projects for infrastructure and resource development across western and northern Canada, and researches the timing and causes of Pleistocene glaciations in the Canadian Cordillera. Derek currently teaches and is the Chair of the Earth and Environmental Science department at Douglas College.